Everyone living in Norway is entitled to essential medical and care services. 

The link below lets you read about the five areas within patient rights in Norway.

You can read more at helsenorge.no.

More information

  • Choosing a treatment centre

    You are entitled to choose among treatment centres throughout Norway once you have received a referral. As a patient of the specialist health service, you can compare waiting times and see which treatment centres you can choose from.

  • Complaints and compensation

    You are entitled to complain if you believe that you are being deprived of your rights as a patient or that you have not received the health or care services to which you are entitled. Relatives also have a right to complain.

  • Foreigners in Norway

    On this webpage at helsenorge.no you can find information on your health care rights as a worker, pensioner, student, asylum seeker or tourist in Norway. See below.

  • Patient travel

    Patient travel means journeys to and from publicly approved healthcare appointments. The health trusts are responsible for patient travel, and your local hospital will reimburse the cost of your journey.

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