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Data protection

When you visit stolav.no, we do not collect any kind of personal data

The Norwegian Personal Data Act contains regulations on how personal data collected shall be treated, how it shall be secured, who has access to the data and whether the data can be transferred to others.


Party responsible for treatment: St. Olavs hospital, Trondheim University Hospital

Data processor: The Norwegian Directorate of eHealth and The Norwegian Health Network (NHN)

The data collected is saved on servers operated by the Norwegian Health Network (NHN). A specific agreement between the Norwegian Directorate of eHealth and NHN governs the information to which the supplier has access and how the data shall be treated.


Website users can contact the hospital via email from the website. If you send an email, your name, email address (if you want a reply to your enquiry) and your message will be saved. It is therefore important not to provide any sensitive information or personal data in emails, for example your personal identification number or health information.

Links to external websites

The website contains links to other organisations and enterprises. The data protection declaration on this website does not cover other websites. When you visit other websites, you must take into account the guidelines that apply to the website in question.

Saving visitor statistics

The website saves data on traffic/visitor statistics. The statistics show how often each individual area of the website has been visited. We are not able to trace use of the website back to individual persons.

Examples of information saved are the number of visitors to the different pages, which websites they came from, how much time they spend reading the website and which browsers are used. The data saved is utilised for the improvement and further development of the website's contents and offers.

The system for visitor statistics is based on Universal Analytics, and the website makes use of an option in Universal Analytics to make all readers' IP addresses anonymous so that these cannot be saved by Google or helsenorge.no.

If however you do not want the website to collect anonymous data from you, you can remove data collection by going to the following address:

About saving keywords

The website saves information on the keywords used by visitors. The purpose of this is to improve the information we provide. We can track which keywords get a hit and which search results are chosen by visitors. Only the keywords are saved, and they cannot be linked to other information about visitors.

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