This website makes use of cookies in order to choose language and gather statistics. Cookies can track your use of the Internet, but we never save information that could identify you personally.

Cookies are small text files that are saved on your computer when you download a website. Most websites makes use of cookies.

All persons who visit a website shall be informed that the website makes use of cookies. The website user is requested to approve the use of cookies. You can approve the use of cookies in your browser settings.

You can also prevent cookies from being saved by changing your browser settings. If you do so however, the websites will not function properly. You can also choose to delete cookies in the website or on your computer.

The joint web solution for specialised health services makes use of cookies to determine which language version of the web pages to display and to gather statistics.

Below is a list of cookies used on the website:

CookieUtilised byDescription

​We use this cookie to separate the users from each other.

​We use this cookie to separate user sessions from each other.

​This cookie makes it possible to know which external page the user came from.
​This cookie allows the user to avoid tracking​
SearchSessionSharePoint Microsoft Sharepoint cookie for internal use.
SearchQuerySharePointContains the last search performed on the page
FNSP.CurrentLCIDSharepointActual language of the page
SharepointThe user's preferred language. Established in relation to the language chosen by the user, so that that language will be pre-chosen the next time the user visits the website.


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