Mor og barn

Mother and child hotel

In addition to the maternity ward in the hospital, there is a hotel for the mother and her newborn. This hotel is a service to the new mother, and  works in close contact with the maternity ward at St. Olavs hospital.

  • ​There are 15 beds on the fifth (5) floor of the hotel which are available to those patients from the maternity ward.
  • You may move to Hotel St. Olav as soon as four hours after the birth of your baby. You will be transported by car and there is transportation available 24 hours a day.
  • There is a midwife, nurse, and a pediatric nurse available 24 hours a day.
  • A pediatrician is available during the day.
  • Visitors are allowed in accordance with the hotel’s policies.
  • The maternity floor at the hotel follows the same rules and procedures as the maternity ward at St. Olavs hospital.
  • Information about the serving of meals is in the hotel’s brochure

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