Children and poisonings

In all households, there is a variety of products that are poisonous or in other ways harmful. Accidental use or consumption of these products may lead to poisoning that in the worst cases may be life threatening.

​Children of age 1 – 4 years are especially prone to poisonings. In case of accidents, it is very important to know how to react, in order to minimize damage. Often, you will not need to do anything – but sometimes it may be important to give the child something to drink, to flood eyes or skin, or to react in other ways.

Some medicines and chemicals may be dangerous even in small quantities. Swift medical treatment may be important. Do not wait for symptoms of poisoning to occur before you ask for help and advice: Call The Poison Information: 22 59 13 00 – this line is open and answered by qualified personnel, around the clock.

In cases of unconsciousness call 113

Make sure the child can and does breathe freely. 113 will guide you in life saving when necessary.

​In emergencies you should call The Poison Information

+47 22 59 13 00 or seek medical help.

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Poisonings and emergencies - children

Norwegian Poison Information Centre

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