Master degree




Liv-Inger Stenstad
"Information to patients prior to radiological examinations"   

Lise Hagen
"An observational study at St. Olavs Hospital, Department Røros Hospital"

Marthe Siren Anvik, Mikkel Treu Os and Jon Erik Medhus
"Operation planning at the Department of Orthopedic Surgery"

Jacob Nyman
"Distribution of operating rooms, sequence of operations and time for start of operations with different operating time when surgeons are working in more than one OR"


Marit Furre Amundsen
«Quality of life after surgery for chronic rhinosinusitis»

Ida Leirheim Fagerli and Cecilie Liseth
”Safety in the operating room”


Siri Fenstad Ragde
Master in molecular medicine
"Characterization of surgical staff's exposure to surgical smoke at St. Olavs Hospital".

Cathrine Soleglad, Torstein Høie and Mari Thoresen
Master in media communication and information technology   
"Innovation in the health sector - A qualitative investigation of innovation at St. Olavs Hospital".

Marit Rødevand and Ragnhild Byrkjeland
"Visulaisation of medical images on smart-phones, laptops, tablet computers".


Anne Karin Wik
Master in health science    

"Quality of life and degree of leak in patients with anal incontinence before and after treatment with sacral nerve stimulation"


Jenny Kristin Aasland

"Vascular Surgery in Norway - An investigation based on the Norwegian Vascular Register  (NorKar)"


“Accuracy of electromagnetic tracked freehand laparoscopic 3D ultrasound”

Lars Eirik Bø

Ultrasound simulator


Camilla Berge

"Infrarenal abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Time-trends and results during a 20-year period"

Magnus Strømmen

"Obesity and health related quality of life study"