Unimed Innovation AS

Unimed Innovation provides services for professional and effective administration of contracts and financial control of externally financed clinical trials.

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Unimed Innovation AS

Unimed Innovation is managing externally financed clinical trials at St. Olavs hospital (Trondheim University Hospital), Levanger hospital and Namsos hospital. These hospitals are all parts of the Central Norway Regional Health Authority. On behalf of these hospitals, we are responsible for study contracts and budgeting, as well as the financial control from the start until completion of the study.

The company is owned by Fondsstiftelsen at St. Olavs hospital.

Unimed Innovation operates in close cooperation with the Department of Research and Development at St. Olavs hospital, and is managed by the Operating Room of the Future.


Portrettbilde av Ingrid Granbo

Research Coordinator Ingrid Granbo

E-mail: ingrid.granbo@stolav.no

Phone: +47 932 23 788

Portrettbilde av Astrid Egeland

Research Coordinator Astid Egeland

E-mail: astrid.egeland@stolav.no

Phone: +47 913 83 122

What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are scientific investigations exploring whether a medical strategy, treatment or device is safe and effective for human use. These studies may also show which medical approaches work best for various diseases. Clinical trials produce evidence that helps patients and their health-care providers to make better health-related decisions (evidence based medicine).

Participants in a clinical trial contribute to medical science by providing valuable knowledge about potential treatment modalities and methods of prevention. Participants with an illness or disease have the possibility to receive the most up to date treatment, getting care and attention from the clinical trial staff, while at the same time helping other patients.

Studies are divided into two main categories based on their funding:

  • Funded studies
    The Clinical study is initiated by an external party covering all study costs, also called Industry Sponsored Studies. The external party is the sponsor (responsible for the study and owner of the data).
  • Partly funded studies
    Investigator initiated clinical studies which receive financial contribution covering parts of the study costs. The investigator/hospital is the sponsor (responsible for the study and owner of the data).

Our role in clinical trials

After the preparation with the contract and budget process, we follow the clinical trial from the contract is signed until the study is finished. During the whole study we represent the link between the company and the project manager/hospital.

We handle:

  • Contract and financial negotiations with the company, based on the study protocol and associated resource requirements for implementation of the study
  • Contact with the various service departments, such as laboratory and radiology service, collecting price estimates and setting up the study budget
  • Finalizing and signing of main contract together  with the external company
  • Sub-contracts with internal departments at the hospital
  • Financial control and follow-up during the study; including invoicing, project accounting and reporting
  • Filing essential documents for completed studies (15 years according to GCP)

When new studies are planned at the hospitals, it is important that we are involved as soon as possible by the company and the project manager.

Invoice Address and Bank Information

Invoice address and postal address

Unimed Innovation AS
Olav Kyrres gt. 10
7030 Trondheim

All invoices must be marked with reference number  (M-number). Please contact us if you need this.

Bank Information

Organisation (VAT) number: NO 989 376 748 MVA
Bank account number: 8601 1874 578
Bank name and address: Danske Bank, 7466 Trondheim, Norway
IBAN: NO32 8601 1874 578

Clinical trials are subject to VAT. Invoices include VAT to Norwegian companies, but not to foreign companies.

In Norwegian

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Contact information

Meeting point

Research Coordinator Ingrid Granbo: +47 932 23 788
Research Coordinator Astrid Egeland: +47 913 83 122

Knowledge Centre
Visiting address
Olav Kyrres gate 10(Kart)
N-7030 Trondheim


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Transportation Øya

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Practical information


Note: Not all departments at St. Olav have the service to call you back, except for some outpatient clinics and laboratories.

What is callback?

Callback means that the telephone service is open to the public 24 hours so that you can give your message regardless of opening hours.

Remember personal identity number before calling

Please have your personal number - 6 or 11 figures - ready before calling. This will be of great help when we call you back.

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Payment for not meeting

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Food. Places to eat

There are several places to eat in the hospital.

"Mat og cafe" of St. Olavs Hospital offers a variety of food in the centers at Øya, at Lian and in the local hospitals in Røros and Orkdal.

"SiT" on behalf of the NTNU, runs cafes at Øya helsehus and in the Medisnteksniske senter.

There are also a cafe in the Rusklinikken in Klostergata 48.

The cafe Persilleriet serves vegetarian and locally produced food, all primarily organic. Persilleriet is located on the first floor of the Bevegelsessenteret.

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Patient hotel


Opening hours:
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  • Saturday: 1000 - 1400

Phone 73 86 42 00

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Shops within the Hospital area at Øya:

  • Bunnpris, located in Elgesetergate 18
  • Coop Prix in Klostergata 46


St. Olavs Hospital offers a free wireless guest network called "GjestenettHMN". The guest network is available at all hospital locations throughout the region.

  • Connect to your wireless network GjestenettHMN
  • Open your browser and follow the instructions
  • You will receive a password by SMS and then you can use guest network online
  • Passwords are valid for one week at a time. Passwords can be sent to any mobile phone with a Norwegian mobil number

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