Clinic of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The clinic offers specialized rehabilitation for people with spinal cord injuries and acquired brain injury. We also have a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic with back-, neck- and shoulder rehabilitation as the main field.

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Clinic of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Our focus in healthcare is the idea of the whole person. This requires an individual physical, mental and social approach throughout the rehabilitation process. The clinic works interdisciplinary to meet the patients needs in their rehabilitation.

The clinic consists of three departments: Department of spinal cord injuries, dept. of acquired brain injury and the multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for back-, neck-, shoulder problems.

The clinic will, as far as possible, exercise our clinical activity structured on evidence-based medicine and evidence-based practice. As university clinic, research & development activity is a central and integrated part of the business. At any time there is research through projects, phd- and master's works taking place.

Head of clinic Bjørn SkogstadHead of clinic Bjørn Skogstad

Contact information

Meeting point
The clinic has three departments scattered across various locations.
The main contact point for the Head of clinic is at the Dept. for spinal cord injuries in the 4th floor of Neurocenter East.
+47 72 57 51 00 / 06800
Monday - Friday 08:00-15:30
The reception is open on weekdays. The phone will be routed to department staff at nights and weekends.
Mailing address
St.Olavs Hospital HF
Klinikk for fysikalsk medisin & og rehabilitering
Postboks 3250 Sluppen
NO-7006 Trondheim
Neuro East
Visiting address
Edvard Griegs gate 8(Kart)
NO-7030 Trondheim
72 57 30 00

Department of acquired brain injury of acquired brain injury
Department of spinal cord injuries of spinal cord injuries
Multidisciplinary outpatient clinic for back-, neck- and shoulder rehabilitation outpatient clinic for back-, neck- and shoulder rehabilitation

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