Information to patients, next of kin and visitors at St. Olavs hospital


If you need medical assistance, please contact your GP (fastlege), or the emergency room (legevakt), phone number 116 117. The medical emergency line (113) is reserved for life threatening situations.

As of March 21 most of the corona restrictions are lifted at the hospital.

It is important that you stay at home if you are ill, keep cleaning your hands, and have a coronatest taken if you have symptoms.​

Patients and visitors
Patients and visitors / companions follow the same advice as the general population. If you have an appointment at the hospital, be aware of this: 

  • If you have tested positive for coronavirus, you can not enter the hospital. Please concact the department where your appointment is. 
  • If you have symptoms of coronavirus, please do not enter the hospital.
  • ​Some wards may still have stricter restrictions. 
  • Keep your hands clean. 
Visits to patients: There are no restrictions regarding visits at the hospital now, and patients can bring a companion to their consultations/examinations if desired. 

No face mask needed.

Information for the pregnant/women in labour

Is your birth underway? Call the maternity ward at 72 57 57 77

When contacting our maternity ward, you will be asked if you have been exposed to the coronavirus or if you have a respiratory infection. If you have symptoms of respiratory infection, a midwife will instruct you on how to get to the hospital, what to do when you get here, and what to do during your stay at the maternity ward. 

Patients with corona - or suspected corona - will be separated from other patients and pregnant women.

Partners can be present during the birth and stay at the maternity ward. If you or your partner have coronavirus, you will be isolated together during the stay at the hospital.

No siblings or other visitors are allowed.

More info in Norwegian (stolav.no)

Information about the coronavirus

You can find information about the coronavirus on The Norwegian Directorate of Health’s websitethe Norwegian Institute for Public Health’s website, Helsenorge or on this webpage.

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