Medical abortion

Gynekologisk avdeling

You can apply for an abortion either by contacting us directly or through your family doctor (GP=fastlege).

After contacting us, you will be offered an appointment to see a doctor and a nurse in the Outpatient Clinic (Gynekologisk poliklinikk).

Medical abortion is performed as a day-patient treatment, meaning the patient in most cases leaves the hospital the same day the procedure is performed.

Here below you will find detailed information about the medical abortion process.

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Information from

Abort - uønsket svangerskap

I Norge har kvinner selv rett til å bestemme om de vil avbryte svangerskapet i løpet av de tolv første ukene. Svangerskapets varighet regnes fra første dag av siste menstruasjon.

Du kan selv fremsette begjæring om abort. Du trenger ikke henvisning fra fastlege, men kan ta direkte kontakt med et sykehus som har gynekologisk avdeling. Du trenger ikke å begrunne valget ditt, og det er ingen krav om betenkningstid.

Når du kontakter lege, helsestasjon eller sykehus vil de spørre om datoen for siste menstruasjons første dag.

Hvis du er under 16 år, skal foreldre eller verge få mulighet til å uttale seg, hvis det ikke er spesielle grunner som taler mot det.

Helsepersonellet du kontakter skal informere deg om hvordan aborten gjennomføres og om risiko for komplikasjoner. De skal også spørre deg om du ønsker informasjon og veiledning om den støtten du har krav på fra samfunnet dersom du velger å fullføre svangerskapet.

Hvis du ønsker ytterligere råd/veiledning/støtte utover den informasjonen du får hos helsepersonell (lege/sykepleier) i forbindelse med aborten, kan du kontakte fastlege, helsestasjon eller andre som tilbyr veiledning (se eget avsnitt lenger ned på siden).

Informasjon og veiledning skal gis på en objektiv måte og uten at legen eller annet helsepersonell gir uttrykk for sine personlige vurderinger. Hvis du opplever at dette ikke er tilfelle, kan du klage til Fylkesmannen i fylket.

Abort er gratis

Alle kvinner som oppholder seg i Norge har rett til å få utført abort. Abort er gratis for kvinner som er bosatt i Norge. Kvinner som ikke er bosatt i Norge, men som er medlem av folketrygden eller er omfattet av gjensidighetsavtale med et annet land, kan få dekket utgiftene av folketrygden. Andre må betale for aborten selv. Sykehuset kan imidlertid ikke kreve forhåndsbetaling.

Hvordan utføres aborten?

Etter at du selv har tatt kontakt med sykehuset eller fastlegen din har sendt begjæringen om abort til sykehuset, blir du innkalt til en forundersøkelse.

Under forundersøkelsen vil blodtrykket ditt bli målt, hjertet og lungene bli lyttet på, det tas en blodprøve og gjøres en underlivsundersøkelse. Du vil også få informasjon om hvordan aborten vil bli utført.

Du kan ombestemme deg helt til aborten settes i gang.

Hvor blir aborten utført?

Abort utføres på sykehus eller hjemme etter oppstart på sykehuset.

Read more about Vurderer du abort? (

1. Before

Two days before the medical abortion, the nurse gives you one tablet of mifepristone (Mifegyne) to start the terminationprocess. In some occasions the abortion will start immediately after intake of Mifegyne, and you will then start to bleed. A common side effect of this drug is mild cramp-like abdominal pain. If needed, you may use ordinary over-the-counter pain killers, e.g. Paracet or Ibux. Less common, but normal, are nausea and a small vaginal bleed.

Please call us if:

  • You throw up within two hours of taking this tablet
  • You bleed heavily or experience severe pain

2. During

Day-patient Treatment (two days following Mifegyne intake)

You will present at the Gynecological day-patient ward, Gynekologisk dagpost at Women and Children's centre. You will be met by a nurse, who will go through the details of the treatment with you.

You may eat breakfast as normal. Feel free to bring a companion. Because you will share room with another patient, your companion is not allowed to stay with you in the room. Most patients leave after 4-6 hours, however it is not unusual to require longer hospital stay.

  • You will also be given four tablets of misoprostol (Cytotec). Dip these four tablets in water and insert them as far as possible into your vagina.
  • The Cytotec usually causes the uterus to contract and expel the pregnancy within 1-4 hours; this is accompanied by abdominal pain.
  • You will be given medication to help pain and nausea.
  • You should then lie still for about an hour; during this time the medication will dissolve and be absorbed into your blood. After an hour you should get up and walk around, as this tends to accelerate the process.
  • Some patients will require additional doses of Cytotec before the termination starts and in a small number of cases surgical removal of the pregnancy is necessary.
  • Common side effects of misoprostol are nausea and loose stools.
  • Depending on the length of the pregnancy, the fetus may be big enough to be seen by the naked eye.


3. After

After the abortion


  • A menstruation-like bleeding is expected following the abortion. It commonly lasts from 2 to 4 weeks. Brown discharge is also normal
  • Avoid using tampons during this period, bathe in a bathtub or have intercourse
  • The menstrual period can be expected to return 4 to 6 weeks after the abortion
  • During the first menstrual period after the abortion, you can bleed more and for a longer period than usual.


You must do a pregnancy test 4 weeks following the abortion, to confirm that the pregnancy is successfully terminated. The test can be bought in the pharmacy or be done at any doctor’s office. If the test is positive you should contact the hospital.
To avoid getting pregnant, we recommend starting contraceptives the same day as the medical abortation.
If your gestational age is over 9 weeks, and your blood type is rhesus negative, you will receive an injection of anti-D gammaglobulin before you leave the hospital.

You should contact the hospital if:

  • The pregnancy test is positive.
  • If you experience abdominal pain and heavy bleeding.
  • Discharge with a bad smell.
  • Fever and a temperature over 38.0°C / 100.4 °F.

Return Home

In most cases patients can leave the hospital the same day as the procedure. Because of the medications you receive, you should not drive a car on the day of the abortion. You should ask someone to pick you up at the hospital. It is recommended to have someone with you the first 24 hours following the abortation.

In need of advice? Contact Amathea


The decision of having an abortion may be a difficult choice for someone. If you need counselling, you can contact
Amathea, which is a free service that offers advice and councelling concerning unplanned pregnancy and abortion.
Telephone: +47 815 32 005

Risks and complications

There are very few complications with medical abortion. In some cases the emptying of the uterus is incomplete. This can cause irregular bleedings in the weeks following the abortion, and surgical emptying of the uterus may be necessary. Rarely, an infection in the uterus can occur. Such infections require treatment.

Contact information

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