Cardiorespiratory Reference Data in Older Adults: The Generation 100 Study.

Lung function parameters improve prediction of VO2peak in an elderly population: The Generation 100 study.

Enighet om en forbudsavtale mot atomvåpen

Work and health


Farmer`s mental health: A longitudinal sibling comparison: the HUNT study, Norway

Association between kidney cancer and occupational exposure to trichloroethylene

Symptoms of depression and all-cause mortality in farmers, a cohort study: the HUNT study, Norway.

Characterisation of Exposure to Ultrafine Particles from Surgical Smoke by Use of a Fast Mobility Particle Sizer.

Multi-element analysis of airborne particulate matter from different work tasks during subsea tunnel rehabilitation work

Work environment factors and work sustainability in Norwegian cooks

Anxiety and Depression Symptoms Among Farmers: The HUNT Study, Norway

Personal exposure to ultrafine particles from PVC welding and concrete work during tunnel rehabilitation


Disability pension and symptoms of anxiety and depression: a prospective comparison of farmers and other occupational groups. The HUNT Study, Norway.

Association between pulmonary function and peak oxygen uptake in elderly: the Generation 100 study


Nonfatal occupational injuries in Norwegian farmers

Arbeidsbetinget lungekreft i Sør-Trøndelag

Short term exposure to low amounts of airway irritants in a swine confinement building and inflammatory markers in blood and exhaled air.


Dust exposure is associated with increased lung function loss among workers in the Norwegian silicon carbide industry

Inflammatory Markers in Blood and Exhaled Air after Short-Term Exposure to Cooking Fumes

Determinants of exposure to dust and dust constituents in the Norwegian silicon carbide industry 


Neuropsychological function and past exposure to metallic mercury in female dental workers

Lung cancer incidence among Norwegian silicon carbide industry workers: associations with particulate exposure factors

A novel strategy for retrospective exposure assessment in the Norwegian silicon carbide industry


Occurence of cognitive and neurological symptoms in norwegian dentists

Pregnancy outcomes among female dental personnel--a registry-based retrospective cohort study.

The agreement between workers and within workers in regard to occupational exposure to mercury in dental practice assessed from a questionnaire and an interview.

Mortality from non-malignant respiratory diseases among workers in the Norwegian silicon carbide industry: associations with dust exposure.

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